Are you ready to move beyond the confines of success and wealth?

Imagine breaking free from the relentless grind of entrepreneurial life.

You're not alone in this journey. Many successful leaders and visionaries, just like you, are searching for something more meaningful beyond wealth and recognition.

Does this sound like you?

You're a leader, a visionary, an entrepreneur at the top of your game. Yet, amidst success and wealth, there's a sense of unfulfilled potential, a longing for something more meaningful. You know there's a deeper level of success and fulfillment waiting for you.

So, how do you create that shift you desire?

Are you ready for a shift?

That's where we come in. The 8 Decisions Team, experts in transformative experiences, invite you to the ultimate entrepreneurial escape. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of people like you. We're here to guide you to your true potential.

Join us in Paradise....

From March 4th to March 11th 2024, we invite you to join us in the lush paradise of Costa Rica. The Decision Experience Retreat is more than a getaway; it's a chance to unlock your true potential and connect with a deeper sense of purpose.

Decide. Shift. Expand.

Here's what we have in store for you:

Unleash Your True Potential
Are you ready to move beyond the confines of success and wealth? Our retreat is a sanctuary for entrepreneurial minds like yours, eager to explore the depths of purpose, clarity, and self-discovery. Break free from the trappings of the material world and unlock the secrets to a more fulfilling existence.
Mindful Living Unleashing The Conscious Leader In You
Discover the power of mindfulness, breath-work, and movement flow. Immerse yourself in daily yoga sessions that will not only invigorate your body but also calm your mind. Learn to step out of your own way, allowing your true self to shine through in every aspect of your life. This is the person others want to see, this is the person you want to be for them and you. We all have barriers that prevent us from being our true authentic selves, let us show you how to remove those barriers.
Sunrise Meditation and Creative Exploration
Picture yourself in the heart of Costa Rica, surrounded by breathtaking nature. Experience sunrise meditations that will set the tone for your day. Take mindful walks along the beach, engage in creative exploration sessions that will spark new ideas and perspectives, igniting your entrepreneurial spirit like never before.
Nutrition for Success
Fuel your body and mind with talks and discussions on fasting and nutrition. Gain insights into how the right fuel can enhance your cognitive abilities and drive, optimizing your performance in both business and life.

Jungle Excursions & Coffee Plantation Visits
Venture into the heart of the jungle, where adventure awaits. Explore the vibrant ecosystem of Costa Rica and connect with nature on a profound level. Visit local coffee plantations, immersing yourself in the rich culture and flavors of this tropical paradise.
Exclusive Access to Envision Festival
As a participant in our retreat, you'll also have the opportunity to attend the renowned Envision Festival. Dive into this transformative event, surrounded by like-minded individuals, music, and art. It's an experience that will elevate your consciousness and leave you forever changed.

Step out of your comfort zone and into a new you!

Ready to Explore Beyond Wealth and Success?

Click below to book your call with Robert, our founder. It's more than a retreat; it's the beginning of your new story. The Decision Experience Retreat in Costa Rica is your gateway to a life of true fulfillment and limitless potential.

Escape the ordinary. Embrace the extraordinary.

Your journey to self-discovery and limitless potential starts here...

Transformation awaits you!

By investing in this retreat, you're not just signing up for an escape; you're stepping into a new chapter. You'll return with a redefined vision of success, a rejuvenated spirit, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

What's included?

This is an exclusive invitation to embark on a transformative journey designed exclusively for leaders, visionaries, and the relentlessly successful. We invite you to break free from the daily grind and join us in the lush paradise of Costa Rica from March 4th to March 11th 2024 for an extraordinary retreat that transcends the ordinary.

Envision Festival Tickets

The Envision Festival in Costa Rica is a multi-day music, art, and culture festival known for its focus on environmentalism, sustainability, spirituality, and wellness.

Custom Workshops

Throughout your stay, we've meticulously crafted a series of bespoke workshops and experiences tailored to energize, enlighten, and uplift you, providing not only a clear vision but also practical steps to propel you forward.

Networking & Community Building

Seize this opportunity to forge meaningful connections with fellow leaders and visionaries. Together, you'll share the journey of transcending the ordinary, embracing a path of conscious entrepreneurship filled with profound insights and collaboration.

Lodging and Meals

You will be hosted at a private residence, and enjoy delicious, nutritious meals prepared by a private chef while there, while connecting deeply with other likeminded professionals.

Transportation within Costa Rica

This is your chance to show up, relax, and let us worry about the logistical details as we move about Costa Rica's tropical paradise from one amazing experince to another.*

Exciting Excursions

We will offer several exciting excursions, and unforgettable experiences from visiting beautiful waterfalls to ATV tours, surfing, and more as we explore the beauty of Costa Rica.

All for an unbelivable price of only $5,000.00*

Spaces are limited to 10. Grab your exclusive spot now.

*PLEASE NOTE: Airfare to Costa Rica is NOT included. Please bring spending money for meals and souveniers at the festival and excursions outside the retreat center.

The 8 Decisions Vision Retreat: Where Success Meets Paradise.

Meet Your Visionary Leaders

Jeff Parker


Robert Hartline


David Florence


Join us in Costa Rica and let the transformation begin!

What is the Envison Festival?

The Envision Festival offers a unique blend of entertainment, education, and environmentalism, creating an experience that goes beyond just a music festival. It's an event where attendees can immerse themselves in creativity, nature, and community.